Protesters in downtown Cleveland picked a fight with the wrong Italian restaurant. Employees emerged from the family-owned Corbo’s Italian Bakery armed and ready to defend their business from looters:

The father and his sons, ready with with shotguns and long rifles, kept a mob from entering the restaurant and looting the property. This Facebook video was live-streamed by Rob Rash, who was documenting the violence throughout Cleveland on Sunday. What began as a peaceful protest over the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of Minneapolis police quickly turned violent as protesters in the city torched police cars, tagged buildings with graffiti, smashed shop windows and looted various businesses in downtown Cleveland.

When some of the protesters approached Corbo’s with improvised weapons, the three men emerged and kept them away with weapons drawn at the low-ready. Co-owner Selena Corbo says she supports the nationwide protests against police brutality but doesn’t condone the violence spawned across the nation. She says they had no choice but to protect their business and livelihoods. “They came at us with bats, threw rocks at our windows, rocks, and stones and I was like, alright,” she said.

Corbo’s was to reopen today after being closed for more than two months due to the Coronavirus lockdown. But now, that reopening is delayed.