This guide covers how to purchase a suppressor via Silencer Shop’s kiosk. If you want learn how to buy a suppressor from a local dealer by filing your own paperwork, click here.

Silencers, cans, and muzzle mufflers. Whatever you want to call ’em, suppressors are arguably one of the most useful (and simply coolest) firearm accessories you can buy. The only problem is that thanks to the National Firearms Act of 1934, buying a silencer is needlessly difficult. You need to file all sorts of paperwork with the ATF, complicated forms and such. You also need to have a photo and fingerprints recorded. It gets messy. Silencer Shop, one of the most popular suppressor dealers in the U.S., has developed a very convenient way of tackling all that bureaucratic stuff with an in-person kiosk.

How the Silencer Shop Kiosk Works

The kiosk replaces all the foot work you’d normally have to do. When you buy a suppressor, you’d normally have to:

  1. Visit a gun shop and pick out a suppressor.
  2. Fill out paperwork for the ATF by hand.
  3. Take a passport photo or have one taken.
  4. Have your fingerprints recorded, usually at the local police department.
  5. Mail multiple copies of the paperwork, photo, and fingerprints to the ATF.

If you’re filing the paperwork for your suppressor as a trust and not an individual, then you’d also have to visit an attorney, pay their fees, have them draft up paperwork, have the trust notarized, and mail a copy of the trust to the ATF, too. Thankfully, the Silencer Shop “Security Identity Documentation” (S.I.D.) Kiosk can do all of this for you, including the trust paperwork. Well, it won’t pick out your suppressor. That’s the fun part for you. For the full FAQ on the S.I.D. Kiosk, click here.

You’ll split your time between Silencer Shop’s website, your local FFL dealer that’ll actually supply your suppressor, and the kiosk located at said dealer’s store. Let’s go over how to buy a suppressor using the kiosk from start to finish:

Step 1: Pick your Suppressor Out At Silencer Shop

Pretty straightforward, this is the fun part. First you need to pick the suppressor you want to purchase from Silencer Shop’s available selection. Picking the perfect silencer’s beyond the scope of this article. But we can recommend a few best practices to keep in mind while you shop around:

  • Verify the suppressor’s the right caliber for your weapon.
  • Determine if the suppressor threads directly to the muzzle, or has a quick-detach feature.
  • Ensure the attachment – threads or quick-detach device – is compatible with your muzzle’s threads or device.
  • Read customer reviews and look for concerns relating to stability, sound levels, fouling, heat, and accuracy.

Step 2: Select Your Local Dealer at Silencer Shop

You’ll need to select a local dealer to physically stock and deliver your suppressor to you once Silencer Shop has submitted your paperwork, fingerprints, and photo to the ATF and the ATF approves your tax stamp. Select the dealer option in the top-right of the website’s header, shown above. It will bring you the following dealer selection page:

Search for a local dealer by state or ZIP code. The search results will display all available dealers in your area. It’s important that you select a dealer with the “POWERED” logo and the fingerprint logo. Or, you can select the dealer by clicking on the icons on the map. If you use the map, you must select a dealer marked with one of the kiosk icons, not a red pin icon. If your dealer has a “Bronze”, “Silver”, or other color listed next to their POWERED logo, it simply means they’ve conducted numerous suppressor transactions with Silencer Shop. These dealers are more likely to be efficient and work closely with Silencer Shop to process your order effectively.

Once you’ve selected your dealer, the website will redirect you back to the product page for the suppressor you chose. If you haven’t picked one, it’ll drop you at the category page or home page. On the product page for your suppressor of choice, the dealer of choice should now be listed underneath the “ADD TO CART” button.

Step 3: Buy Your Suppressor, NFA Tax Stamp, and Single Shot NFA Gun Trust.

In addition to purchasing the suppressor, you must also purchase the NFA Tax Stamp (the physical stamp required to legally own and use your suppressor), and if you’re filing as a trust, which is strongly recommended, you must also add the Single Shot NFA Gun Trust to your cart.

What is the Tax Stamp and Gun Trust?

The NFA Tax Stamp is a $200 fee the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms charges for every suppressor application they process. The stamp is a physical seal that your dealer will receive (which they’ll pass on to you to keep) with the returned copy of the application the ATF sends once your application is approved.

The Single Shot NFA Gun Trust is the recommended way to file your suppressor application. You can file as an individual, which means only you can legally own, possess, and shoot your suppressor. A trust allows you and any friends or family members to also use your suppressor. The trust is a legal entity that protects your personal property. You can buy more suppressors with a single trust, and you can add or remove people (trustees) from the trust. Silencer Shop’s trust is created to work in all 50 states. Using Silencer Shop’s trust service means not having to visit an attorney and deal with the paperwork and fees yourself, and you don’t need to have this trust notarized. Silencer Shop does all that for you.

To learn more details about the Single Shot Trust, read Silencer Shop’s FAQ here.

Once you’ve added all three items to the cart, proceed to checkout:

Fill out your shipping information accurately. If your billing information is the same, be sure to check the box.

Make sure you check the box to Create an Account. This is important. You’ll need to have a Silencer Shop account to process your application and receive your suppressor later.

Finally, fill out your payment information and verify the correct suppressor, NFA Tax Stamp, and Single Shot NFA Gun Trust are in your cart. Place your order.

Step 4: Check Your Email for Important Digits

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive two very important numbers. First, your suppressor’s serial number. You’ll need it to confirm your order at the kiosk. Second, you’ll receive a registration code and QR code. The QR code or registration code are used to access the S.I.D Kiosk at your local dealer.

Step 5: Visit your Silencer Shop Kiosk Dealer

Remember the dealer you selected in step 2? It’s time to hop in the car and take a quick trip over to their shop. You’ll need to bring your serial number(s) and registration code or QR code. When you arrive, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the gun store staff and tell ’em why you’re there. That way they know to expect your suppressor order in the coming months. They’ll also probably be happy to help you work the kiosk.

Note: As long as you selected a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer with a kiosk at their location at checkout, registration the kiosk is free. However, if you found this guide or decided to use the kiosk to handle your paperwork after buying your suppressor at Silencer Shop, there may be up to a $40 fee to use the kiosk. Dealer’s set the fee, though it should never exceed $40. If it does, contact Silencer Shop.

Step 6: Register and Apply on the S.I.D Kiosk

Using the kiosk is very easy, but if you run into trouble, simply ask the staff at your location to assist. The folks at OreGear made a quick, easy-to-follow video tutorial for using the S.I.D Kiosk.

Once you’ve completed your application on the kiosk, be sure to download Silencer Shop’s mobile app for your iOs or Android device:

Remember to remove any hats, glasses, and other accessories when taking your photo. Be sure to take the photo while standing in front of a light, solid-color background. A simple white door or interior wall suffices. Submit your photo via the app, and you’re done! Silencer Shop will review your application to ensure all fields are filled out accurately before submitting your application, trust, fingerprints, and photo to the ATF.

Step 7: Wait to Hear from Silencer Shop or Your Dealer

Once your application’s submitted to the ATF, you’ll be able to track the status of it via the mobile app. The ATF currently takes approximately eight months to one year to process these applications, but Silencer Shop says their digital submission method may cut down on that wait time. Once your application has been approved by the ATF, either Silencer Shop or your local dealer will contact you.

Step 8: Pick Up Your New Suppressor

Once your application has been approved by the ATF and you’ve been notified, it’s time to go pick up your suppressor! Simply visit your dealer with your photo ID and they’ll be waiting with a copy of your application, your NFA tax stamp and gun trust paperwork, and your new quiet can.

Silencer Shop and S.I.D. Kiosk FAQs

Do I have to pay an FFL transfer fee at my dealer?

No. When you use a Powered by Silencer Shop dealer, you do not have to pay an FFL transfer fee like you normally would.

What if I want to buy my suppressor as an individual, not a trust?

If you purchase your suppressor and apply as an individual and not a trust, you do not need to purchase the NFA Gun Trust when you check out. You’ll still need to have your fingerprints and photo taken, and you’ll need to go through the kiosk application process in the same fashion. If you apply as an individual, Silencer Shop will contact you via phone after your application is submitted to verify all your information is correct before submitting it to the ATF.

What’s the advantage of filing as a trust, individual, or corporation?

Silencer Shop lays out a comparison that lists the pros and cons of each filing option.

Why do I need to pay $205 for a tax stamp?

The tax stamp was created in 1934 with the passage of the National Firearms Act (NFA). It plays the role as an “official marking” that shows you’re a legal owner of an NFA item, like a suppressor, machine gun, or short-barrel rifle. The government’s $200 fee was enacted in 1934 and hasn’t changed since. The extra $5 charge helps cover Silencer Shop’s payroll, processing, and mailing costs.

What’s the benefit of Silencer Shop’s gun trust?

Any lawyer can write up a trust, but the NFA Gun Trust is specifically made for suppressor ownership. Silencer Shop’s legal counsel wrote the trust with specific language and benefits for you, the suppressor owner. They also make it easy to use the trust, as you can buy and sell suppressors and add or remove trustees. You also don’t need to have this trust notarized like you would if you had any other legal counsel make your trust instead. Because of its streamlined design and universal nature, this gun trust is also much less expensive than having one written up by a lawyer.

What application am I filling out on the S.I.D. Kiosk?

If you’re filing as an individual, the kiosk is generating ATF Form 4, Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm. If you’re filing as a trust, the kiosk is generating ATF Form 4 and ATF Form 23, National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire. These forms can be complex and confusing, but the kiosk is programmed to only enter correct information based on the questions you answer.


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